July 20, 2024


Immortalizing Ideas

Zelenskyy is a new screen typeface by Felix Wintertime responding to the conflict in Ukraine

Zelenskyy is a new screen typeface by Felix Wintertime responding to the conflict in Ukraine

A graduate in Graphic Design at Solent University, Felix Winter season is at the moment studying a Master’s in Visible Conversation at the same establishment where this project unfolded. “I am obsessed with typography, how letters are shaped, how they are structured, and the endless choices inside of letterforms,” Felix tells Imaginative Increase. “I get inspiration from style publications and observing lettering around me, the two in the retailers and on the streets.”

Like any of us, Felix feels helpless at viewing gatherings unfold in Jap Europe and desired to do one thing to assist Ukraine. The exhibit typeface titled Zelenskyy is the consequence and will take immediate inspiration from the divided border that separates Russia and Ukraine. “Fences are symbolic of the geographic division in between the international locations, a subject matter at the core of the conflict,” clarifies Felix. “The unique letters are daring and dynamic, amplifying the trigger and statements it could use.”

Felix hopes his typeface will be applied for protest banners and everything else that could assist many others to voice their opposition to the conflict. As this kind of, he has created a sequence of posters as examples, making use of the typeface to develop bold statements, with the textured letters shelling out homage to regular letterpress. “The purpose of the typeface is not for a slick, refined, polished set of letters,” he says. “The typeface required to be sturdy and uncooked and capture a second in time. The red, black and white colour palette would make the get the job done additional memorable and amplifies the penned statements.”

The poster patterns use phrases created above social media for the duration of the previous few months and some of the effective phrases President Zelenskyy has been well known for indicating throughout modern push conferences. For the function of the venture, Felix required the operate itself to be as accessible as doable, so the layouts have been built offered by way of GumRoad, wherever folks can pay back as minor or as considerably as they would like, where by 100% of all product sales go towards UNICEF, a charity that is at the heart of crisis gathering crucial supplies for vulnerable small children in Ukraine.

“The typeface also necessary to be culturally accessible, so the letterforms were also built in Ukrainian and the posters,” provides Felix. “The end result is a bold and robust reaction to the ongoing disaster, displaying the electrical power of typography and how electronic media make resources a lot more obtainable.”

Zelenskyy is a new screen typeface by Felix Wintertime responding to the conflict in Ukraine