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Why Her? Ep 11 & 12 Review: Web optimization Hyun Jin finds out the truth of the matter about Hwang In Yeop’s painful past

Episode 11 commences with Gong Chan (Hwang In Yeop) getting that a skeleton has been uncovered at the construction site of Hansu Bio. He rushes to the grave of Jun Na Jung, his phase-sister, to search for the bracelet she made for her spouse and children as a memento right before she was killed. At the exact time, Oh Soo Jae (Web optimization Hyun Jin) discovers Gong Chan’s mystery area and ultimately learns that Chan is Kim Dong Goo, the person she failed to aid ten yrs back. 

She leaves Chan’s house with dedication and appears to be like up to Na Jung’s mom – Ji Before long Ok. She recalls that Shortly Alright is the similar girl who arrived to the Authorized Clinic Center for a case and lashed out at Chan. Oh Soo Jae realizes that she had not been there for Chan when he required her the most, and breaks down in her auto. 

Gong Chan later on talks to Noh Byung Cheol, who was the genuine culprit of his sister’s murder but he thinks that Noh Byung Cheol isn’t the authentic offender, that there is anyone behind the crime. Gong Chan leaves to arrive at the Authorized Clinic and Before long Alright is upset that she baffled Chan to be Kim Dong Goo. Gang Ja overhears their dialogue where by Chan confesses that he is Kim Dong Goo but Music Okay is delusional and promises that her daughter Na Jung is alive. She panics and a flustered Chan leaves the regulation college. Gang Ja, Se Ryun, and Chun Poong have Shortly Ok and her buddies leave as they discuss how Chan is related to the murder of Na Jung. 

Gong Chan rushes to Ji Quickly Ok’s dwelling to locate her DNA and ends up acquiring a ball of her hair in her trash. At the hospital, Hansu Bio representatives discuss how staying toppled by one of the victim’s family was fantastic push for Director Han who is now resting in the hospital. He asks Soo Jae to perform a deal with the victim’s family members as he recovers. 

Soo Jae satisfies up with Soo Jung and convinces her to take the income from Hansu Bio now that her son is recovering from the incident. She states that this is the ideal offer she could deal for and claims that her son will be superior quickly. Soo Jung is taken again into police custody as she departs, thanking Soo Jae. 

Choi Tae Kook states that this final decision is built due to the accident at the Hansu Bio construction internet site that would have impacted him adversely. Tae Kook promises In Soo that his scores will carry on to soar and the assemblyman receives cheered on by his celebration members. 

In his car, Tae Kook and Soo Jae discuss about how he constantly does every little thing to reward his targets. He asks Soo Jae to speedily wind up the Hansu Bio deal and marry Joo Wan. Soo Jae is infuriated by Tae Kook’s audacity and leaves his vehicle. She knocks on his window and lets him know that just like himself, she never does just about anything to advantage others unless of course she needs to do it. She claims that she will under no circumstances grow to be an individual else’s person. Yoon Sang and Tune Mi Rim show up at the law enforcement station and see Chan possessing a fight with the law enforcement wherever he confirms he without a doubt is Kim Dong Goo.  

Oh Soo Jae goes down memory lane as she recollects her investigation throughout Kim Dong Goo’s situation. Soo Jae talks to Baek Jin Ki about the scenario who experienced asked her to let go of defending Dong Goo. Jin Ki uses Soo Jae’s loved ones versus her and states that Tae Kook was soon going to open up a regulation firm and would promise her a work there if she would allow go of the case from Dong Goo. She forfeits the case to enable preserve his mother and brothers from jail time which ultimately set Chan in jail for some thing he did not do. Present day, she blames herself for what she did to Chan in the past and sobs.

Episode 12 starts with Choi Yoon Sang knowing the total real truth about the scenario, such as Oh Soo Jae’s error. The adhering to day, Choi Yun-sang informed Gong Chan of his results and summoned Web optimization Jun Myung to Oh Soo Jae’s class in an effort and hard work to sabotage their friendship. Even so, the flow did not produce as he had hoped. Choi Yoon Sang went to Gong Chan separately and mentioned, “You cheated on her, and she deserted you.” 

Gong Chan, nevertheless, supported her decision, saying that if she did it for her loved ones, then she did the right factor as he would have done the exact identical issue. He continued by indicating, “You have no plan what it is like to not have a single particular person on your side. My own father by no means considered me. But she did, she was the only a single who said those people text to me. That is the only purpose I’m right here currently.”  

Oh Soo Jae and Gong Chan, found the total truth of the matter that Baek Jin Ki and Yoon Se Pil experienced been trying to conceal. The fiancee of Yoon Se Pil and Baek Jin Ki’s daughter, Kang Eun Web optimization, was abducted and raped by the three sons of Choi Tae Kook, Assemblyman In Soo and Chairman Han Seung Beom when she was at a club on the day of the incident.

At the finish of the episode, Baek Jin Ki explained to Gong Chan that he was not the guilty celebration, which astonished Gong Chan. “The opportunity to take care of it was currently handed up ten decades back. I will hardly ever support you in anything at all, “and furiously departed the place. “Do you feel it does not subject what takes place to the harmless client’s life for that lengthy time period of time,” exclaimed Oh Soo Jae in a rage.

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