September 21, 2023


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What Is Creative Fabrica? And Is It Worth Using for Graphic Designers?

Creative Fabrica is a popular subscription-based online marketplace. A creative digital marketplace like Creative Fabrica can help new or under-confident graphic designers learn the ropes of design by using premade elements, commercially licensed fonts, and much more.

It isn’t just a place for newbies, though; Creative Fabrica has a lot to offer those in the creative design sphere. So if you’ve overlooked it in the past, keep reading to find out why Creative Fabrica is worth signing up for.

What Is Creative Fabrica?

Creative Fabrica website homepage.

Creative Fabrica (CF) is an online creative marketplace. While it has some competition from a variety of creative marketplaces for selling your designs online, CF offers unique options for buyers and sellers using the platform.

A lot of creative POD sellers on platforms like Etsy or RedBubble use CF elements in their designs. If you were to search for a term like “sunflower t-shirt” on Etsy, you’re likely to see a few of the same graphic shapes across different creators’ designs. These are likely bought from Creative Fabrica and edited to sell.

As far as online marketplaces go, CF offers one of the widest ranges of digital products for creators. Graphic designers, illustrators, and crafters alike can all find elements or digital products that will benefit them. CF products can improve your designs, save time, and help you learn.

What Can You Do With Creative Fabrica?

Creative Fabrica Crafts assets.

While Creative Fabrica is an online digital marketplace, and one of many great places to get premade SVG files, it offers more than just digital products. You might be surprised by all the options CF can offer you and other digital crafters and designers.

With a Creative Fabrica subscription, you have access to a myriad of creative resources including graphics, tutorials, fonts, mockups, and everything in between. See our beginner’s guide to using product mockups for a head start once you download mockups and graphics on CF.

Creative Fabrica open a shop page.

Not only can you buy or download from Creative Fabrica, but if you’re a designer or creator, you can also open a shop and sell your own assets. Selling on the CF marketplace is a great way to make passive income from your graphic design work.

Here are some great resources and assets you can get (or sell) on Creative Fabrica:

  • Fonts
  • 2D and 3D graphics
  • Templates
  • Video classes
  • Blog tutorials
  • Product mockups
  • Crochet and sewing patterns

There is so much more available to both CF subscribers and sellers. It offers classes and tutorials for crafting and creative design; combine this with content creation courses on Udemy and you’re set up for success.

How Much Does Creative Fabrica Cost?

Creative Fabrica offers a couple of licensing options, allowing you to download and use its resources at different price points or for commercial uses.

Creative Fabrica subscription plans and prices.

To start with, you can get a one-month free trial with Creative Fabrica. During this free trial, you’ll have 10 asset downloads free of charge. After one month or after you’ve downloaded your 10th free asset, the trial will upgrade to a $9 per month All Access subscription plan. You can cancel the trial before the upgrade to avoid paying, but you’ll lose CF access.

Creative Fabrica freebies page.

If you don’t want the free trial, you can directly sign up for a subscription plan or even purchase a single license for individual assets. There are four subscription packages that each supply different resources. All plans offer commercial licenses. Once subscribed, you’ll also have access to the Freebies page, giving you even more assets for free.

All Access Subscription

The most popular subscription is the All Access plan. For $29 per month, you’ll have access to all Creative Fabrica resources—including commercial licenses for everything. Nothing is off limits on the website with this plan.

You can purchase a yearly All Access plan, billed annually at a discounted $59.88 (which works out as $4.99 per month).

Crafts Subscription

If you’re using a crafting machine like Cricut or Silhouette, the Crafts subscription plan might be for you. At $12 for three months, you will have access to over 200,000 cut files and The Craft Club.

Fonts Subscription

For the typographic designers, the Fonts plan provides access to over 130,000 font varieties, including some single-line fonts for craft machines. Updated daily with new fonts, this package is $19 per month.

Graphics Subscription

There’s also the Graphics subscription plan for graphics of various types. Again, this is $19 per month. You’ll be able to download any of the almost 7 million designs available, each with commercial licenses to use.

Is Creative Fabrica Worth It?

Creative Fabrica classes.

As a graphic designer, you might wonder why you’d rather download assets than create them yourself. It saves a lot of time to use readymade assets, including icons, fonts, and background images. You’re not any less of a graphic designer for purchasing assets, as long as you design your work yourself and integrate the assets into your own work.

Whether you’re a graphic designer, hobbyist, or someone looking to start a t-shirt-selling business, Creative Fabrica is worth it if you’ll use the assets. The discounted annual subscription offers the most bang for your buck.

With 10 free downloads during your trial, and less than $5 per month for a subscription thereafter, you’ll have unlimited access to thousands of graphic resources. These resources help you save time and money and allow you to jump onto design trends quickly. There are also plenty of learning resources in different formats to help push your creativity further.

Creative Fabrica product mockups.

If you don’t make the most of your subscription, you end up paying more than the value you receive; a subscription isn’t worth it in this case. CF assets also often follow trending designs which can have you adding to an oversaturated market—but if you’re trying to make money, then fleeting trends are the best way.

Overall, taking the pros and cons into consideration, the CF discounted subscription is worth it for graphic designers. It can inspire new and future designs and ideas. You can also become a seller on Creative Fabrica and add your own designs to the site—another way to make money from your work.

Creative Fabrica Could Be a Designer’s Best Asset

Many graphic designers outsource resources and assets, so why not subscribe to one place where new assets are added daily? Creative Fabrica offers a huge variety of design assets, templates, tutorials, and general creative information. It’s more than just a marketplace, it’s a creative institution.