October 4, 2023


Immortalizing Ideas

The new Nokia symbol: our readers’ verdict

The significant graphic information of the 7 days has been, with out issue, the new Nokia emblem. In an endeavor to move absent from its track record as a cell telephone brand and to that of “a B2B technological know-how innovation leader groundbreaking the future wherever networks meet cloud” (catchy), the organization unveiled a new wordmark that jumps on a controversial new logo trend.

Probably at the price of legibility, Nokia has slashed glyphs from its letterforms to make anything much a lot more minimal and angular. It is a similar approach to recent rebrands from The Verge and Kia, and it truly is obtaining identical grievances. We took to social media to ask our viewers for their verdict on the new search. To permit us know what you assume, head to our Facebook (opens in new tab) and Twitter (opens in new tab) web pages.

Nokia logo

(Picture credit: Nokia)

“I am a fan of the disjointed type therapies. I consider they are effective techniques to generate exciting show kind in layouts. With that currently being said… this appeals to me, but I really don’t imagine it will age effectively. As the tread wanes it will want to be revisited all over again for an additional update far too before long. Wonderful treatment for a journal or poster. Mistaken application for a symbol, IMO.” John Yokeley, Facebook