April 14, 2024


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KBD Insurance uses modern marketing to expand to the Ottawa market

KBD Insurance is finding new ways to stand out as they establish themselves in the Ottawa insurance market, having opened an office in the city last year.

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The boutique insurance brokerage has a 40-year history of operating in Montreal, and provides a personalized home, car and business insurance service to over 30,000 clients in Quebec. They’re now bringing that same customer-focused service and industry expertise to Ontario.

“We give a personalized service, we’re tech savvy, we’re 100 per cent paperless and we have pretty good workflows in the backend. If you want to call us and speak to someone asap, we have people to take those calls, and if you want to have a dedicated insurance broker for your file, we have that as well. We try to give the best of both worlds,” says KBD president, Curtis Killen.

Curtis Killen.
KBD Insurance president, Curtis Killen.

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While bringing this tried and tested business model to Ottawa has proven successful, breaking into a new market in a traditional industry has required thinking outside of the box.

As KBD establishes themselves as an insurance broker in Ontario, they’re tapping into digital and social media marketing to reach a young new clientele.

From TikTok videos breaking down insurance jargon, to debuting a business podcast hosted from their Montreal office last year, it’s an unconventional approach to insurance marketing – but one that’s paying off.

“I knew that going head-to-head against insurance companies who have a much bigger marketing budget with the same messaging didn’t make sense. So I thought, how can we differentiate ourselves, and how can we take a different avenue to target an audience with a different message,” says Killen.

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The Freemium Podcast serves as an avenue to make personal and organic business connections by putting a face to the brand and business.

“I’m hoping that [the podcast] will continue to grow a specific audience that will associate the Freemium Podcast with KBD. Hopefully I come across as a trustworthy business person, or if they like the guests, they find it interesting and think, ‘Hey, why not, let’s hit up KBD Insurance, I’m going to give them a shot,’ ” explains Killen.

With young leadership driving ambitious goals, the team is excited to continue providing individuals and businesses exceptional service as an Ottawa insurance broker.

This same drive has landed KBD in The Globe and Mail’s Top Growing Canadian Companies for the third year in a row. The team plans to keep up the momentum by continuing to be a trusted provider for their clients’ insurance needs.

As the Ottawa office grows, KBD is eager to take on a larger clientele and become a trusted name in the Ottawa area.

“I want to have brand awareness in the Ottawa region, and to be a go-to insurance broker for home, car and business insurance around Ottawa,” says Killen.

Need insurance coverage in Ottawa? For more information or for a home, car or business insurance quote, visit kbdinsurance.com.

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