September 21, 2023


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Clever branding puts a smile on lab-grown meat

Lab-developed meat has some stigmas to conquer if it truly is to cross into the mainstream. It may be far more ethical – it’s possible – but it’s high priced, and the sci-fi-ness of the complete concept places a good deal of folks off. Mother Design took on the tall endeavor of attempting to crack as a result of that squeamishness and make cultured meat much more palatable. 

The branding studio was tasked with making the new logo and branding for the cultivated meat startup Fork & Superior, and it is come up trumps with a bold but approachable identity that draws on custom. Just take a butcher’s at this (and see our pick of the finest branding textbooks if you might be searching for inspiration)

Fork & Good

The new symbol for Fork & Fantastic (Impression credit history: Fork & Fantastic)

Mom Design’s branding for Fork & Great involves a smiley fork. The smile cleverly also depicts a bowl, and the curved condition is echoed in the wordmark, which attracts on butcher’s store signage making a painterly feel irrespective of the clear lines (the typeface is a modification of Yeah Appropriate Type’s Faculty No. 9, which was encouraged by setting up signage). 

The colour palette, meanwhile, is a typical meaty pink and white combo, with a handful of secondary hues motivated by foodstuff. Mom also persuaded the manufacturer to ditch the wrong surname it experienced going on in its brand name name (it was earlier Fork & Goode), making the title simpler and more unforgettable.

Fork & Good logo and branding

(Image credit score: Fork & Superior / Mother Design and style)

It can be difficult to established the suitable tone for a brand name in a entire new marketplace, in particular 1 that could make some men and women truly feel a minor queasy. Mother’s sought to defeat by looking for that feels common and helpful distinctive but totally at home with the traditional food stuff industry.

The curves in the picked out typeface nicely match the smiley fork/bowl logo for a coherent personality that feels warm, inviting, optimistic and perhaps most importantly, trustworthy.

Fork & Good logo and branding

Fork & Very good business cards featuring key and secondary manufacturer colours (Image credit rating: Fork & Superior / Mom Design and style)

Fork & Fantastic was established by scientist Gabor Forgacs and farmer Niya Gupta in 2011 and produces tacos, dumplings and meatballs from cultivated ground pork manufactured making use of a patented hydroponic program. The new branding will appear in packaging, uniforms and digital use.