April 13, 2024


Immortalizing Ideas

5 nostalgic font traits for 2023

There is a prevailing feeling that font developments are searching again in time in 2023. Holding an eye firmly on the past, nostalgia reigns supreme all over the dominant typographic developments recognized by our innovative group. But how this manifests differs considerably in unique developments – from channelling reassurance and convenience, to pushing boundaries in reaction to overarching social panic.    

It is not just sentimentality fueling this nostalgia. Publish-pandemic, men and women are paying out a lot more time on the web than at any time just before. The notice economy is booming, and as these kinds of, competitors for capturing – and holding – buyer concentrate is intense. Our social feeds are filled with video clips developed to endlessly loop, and the notion of channelling previous eras as a result of font style and design produces a visible cue for people to look for refuge and pause amid the noise.